• at STAN Studios


    Life is your storyboard. You have a feeling for timing, movement and dramaturgy. You participate in the development of innovative concepts and transfer them into convincing storyboards and shooting boards. Compositing and rendering are not foreign words to you and you are ready to face the technical challenges of different platforms in the field of social media and to develop yourself further. We rely on your stylistic diversity and your sense for aesthetics.


    • full planning of story and shooting boards
    • holistic responsibility - from idea development to directing on set and editing
    • responsibility for the distribution of videos via various channels
    • responsibility for the implementation of various social content formats and support of corresponding film productions
    • professional processing of the shot footage and implementation of creative ideas within the editing program/post production
    • very confident implementation of color gradings
    • responsibility and coordination of a team of several people
    • close cooperation with Management and HR in terms of capacity planning and personnel management


    • at least 5 years of professional experience with editing of different content formats, preferably social media formats
    • very good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, especially Premiere Pro
    • stylistically confident in color grading and a strong sense for the right color scheme
    • extremely well-developed audiovisual and creative imagination
    • very independent way of working
    • a feel for current trends and a very strong sense of aesthetics
    • very high interest in fashion and lifestyle products