LBBW & BW-Bank

Making B2B & B2C banking socially relevant

360° contemporary campaigning and overall supervision of the LBBW and BW-Bank, by creating unique campaign capsules which entailed production planning, execution and strategic development of category groups for social media appearances of both brands.  


Happy to see our reference featured. Part of the Effie Award Team. 

Digital lead agency

Brand & Business Strategy, Branded Entertainment, Communications Strategy & Media Planning, Digital & Social Media, Design & Identity, Social Content Production, Creative Development, Community Management & Talent Partnerships, Research, Analytics & Social Listening, Integrated Production

LBBW Image Campaign 2021

We created the campaign for social media stand-alone with a social first approach. There were different formats (animated headlines, customer consultants in interview and industry profiles with twist) for which we produced content in-house. The overall engagement during this campaign was top-notch. LBBW also recorded a high conversion rate during the campaign.

BW-Bank Corona Special

We are in this together. STAY TWICE AS NICE. STAN stands by its values ​​even in times of crisis and proves this with numerous extra services.

Fast, effective and with a positive cultural value we created various ad-hoc and special during the Corona Crisis.

Stuttgarter Klimakredit – Go Climate Neutral

BW-Bank is offering a climate loan with which you can renovate your house in a climate-neutral way. Therefore STAN Studios created a relaunch campaign with a social first campaign to successfully place the BW-Bank climate loan in the market.
We’ve created cutdowns for individual measures to give customers an understanding of the climate loan and what it actually stands for.

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