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Made for the contemporary digital landscape, we create campaigns from a consumer’s perspective. みんながあってこその私. Focussed on data and analytics, but driven by emotions we align brands to in-the-now consumer behave.


Stan is a

House of

To enter the house, you need to understand how it was built

STAN Community


Check out what moves us to the core, what drives our center of magical creation, where entertainment meets industry expertise and cultural experience. Call it our chakra if you want.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, so was not our STAN House, nor, correct us if we’re wrong, your business. Having this in mind, we would like to accompany you, to build it on a strong foundation for the future.

STAN Lectures

We could do our thing behind closed doors and keep the secret recipe for us. Instead we believe that the right amount of chosen cooks make the broth even better - so we invite the talents of our wide industry community to share their brains and make us brighter - together.

United Bank of STAN

A circle of like-minded, where passions melt, convictions grow and possibilities brighten up - that is the space we want to create behind the United Bank of STAN. We believe in a place where ideas might have no wings yet, but with a little help of a brilliant friend it might champion the next match. Interested?

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